where I see myself after seven years

After two years since I wrote this paragraph with all its mistakes , I publish  it here just to say that my dreams that I saw that I’ll do it after seven years I did most of it and I didn’t need seven years… so I’ll continue dreaming amd do my best to see my dreams come true

After seven years where will I be, it’s really a hard question to answer even so I’ve always dreamed to be a teacher in a collage and in Zaki Al Arsouzi High School I’ve never planed to be an engineer but after now I love to be a computer engineer in a big company even in an Indian company because I can work from home all that needs a lot of things like I have to learn English very well and it will be very great to be good at many languages like French , Spanish and German
I hope to complete my studies , to be a better writer maybe I’ll have a book or a website so that all the world can read what I write to have

I want to do my hobbies like drawing , reading , taking photos , going shopping , and hemstitch .I also hope to learn swimmi ‏ chivalrousness , playing on violin and gymnastics
And because I’ll work a lot , I’ll have a big salary so that I can buy a big apartment and supply it the
most beautiful sculptures and graphic arts .
In my house there will be a great room , this room contains a huge library which holds every book any one can imagine and everyone of my sibling will have a private room and they will decorate their room as they like .
I don’t imagine that I‘ll buy a car after seven years maybe after that …
All that are just my small dreams , in fact , I hope to do something or create a great thing to change the world to be a better place , I want to be Syria the best country in the world
I also hope to be an Islamic gospeller and make everyone knows what Islam mean
The most difficulties I’ll have is to organize my time it’s not easy to work all the day
The second difficulty is I’ll be tired
Another problem is there won’t be a social life so I won’t see my family or my friends
However , the solutions are easy I think , I’ll have a holiday every time I can so I’ll see all the deferent cultures , take a rest and see my family


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